Sheridan/Blackthorn Shipwreck Dives

Sheridan Shipwreck Dive 

Adventures Under the Sea
4218 Henderson blvd
Tampa, FL. 33629
TRIP INFO: Sheridan/Blackthorn Shipwrecks
Shipwreck Dive/Sat, (Your date here) -7 am show, 7:30 Go!
This is a great 2 tank day trip off the Clearwater coast. May is about the best time to be diving the Gulf and this trip is as good as it gets out here. The water is warm & the critters are everywhere. Large Grouper, Cobia, Amberjacks and more abound on this shipwreck.
The perfect dive to get acclimated to your new camera. Amazing Macro photos are everywhere, Frogfish, Blenny’s etc. Learn from a pro and take our digital photography course and complete it on the dive, complete your Boat diver certification if you got blown-out on your certification dives? Advanced diver certs will also be available.
The dive last’s half a day and you should be back at the dock by 2pm. in time to catch the game. Bring lunch on the boat if desired.
Reservations are required. Rental gear available on request.
Sign up early and get a discount on rental gear.
Bring your certification card to the boat for the captain!
Boat fee=$110.00 Space is limited, $50 deposit holds your spot!
Thanks from all of us, to all of you!

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