As you no doubt remember from when you first learned to dive, the key to peak equipment performance is regular, professional maintenance. Our state-of-the-art service center is prepared to meet all of your equipment repair needs.

"Came in town with two computers that needed a jump start, Ben had them both working with new battery's, water tight, in less than 5 min. He was kind and fair on pricing. Great location to 275 as well."

Vincent R.

"I've been taught by Ben, and had my gear serviced by Ben. I know of other people who have gone to countless other shops, and it amazes me that I have no need to go anywhere else. He has me and my gear up and running - and my brother also!"

Alec Q.

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We are a full service scuba shop. We service what we sell & most other brands as well. Remember the key to peak performance is having your gear maintained on a regular basis. Our techs are factory certified to repair most major brands of gear. From Aqualung to Zeagle, BCD's to Regulators & Tanks, We can keep your gear performing in “like new” condition. We service banded spear-guns as well as pneumatic guns. We are proud
 to be one of the only Certified Mares pneumatic spear-gun repair facilities in the Southeast. We can service and turn your gear around faster than other shops so you can be out, having fun and even putting food on the table.

We offer air fills and banked Nitrox at 32% for your convenience. We can even provide custom Nitrox & Trimix, all from our Nitrox clean compressor system!

AquaLung, Oceanic, Mares, Tusa, Apeks, Zeagle, Genesis, Sherwood, Seaquest... These are SOME of the brands that we are certified to service and repair!

Regulator Overhaul Cost
1st stage, 2nd stage, Alt & SPG $60+
First stage only $25+
Second stage only $25+
Regulator Bench Check Cost
Adjustments, bench & water tests $25+
Regulator Assembly & Test $50+
B.C.D. Overhaul $20+
B.C.D. Overhaul w/Alternate $30+
B.C.D. Inflator only $15+
K-Valve overhaul $15+
J-Valve overhaul $20+
O2 Clean add $5+
Battery replacement $12+
Certified Mares Pneumatic Speargun Repair Cost
Pneumatic Speargun Overhaul $50+
Banded Speargun Overhaul $25+
Tank Services Cost
Air Visual Tank Inspection $9
Nitrox Visual Tank Inspection $10
Hydro test, Evip, Fill O-Ring Change $45
Add Valve Cleaning & Inspection $50
Burst Disc Replacement & Test $10
02 Tank Cleaning/includes Wrap & Visual Inspection $40
Add Evip & Fill $50
Tank Tumble $20
Tank Whip & Vacuum $10
Adventures Under The Sea is apart of the certified PSI Tank Inspectors - #15157. View Certification
Nitrox & Air Fills Cost
Air Fill $6
High Pressure Air $7
Super High Pressure (4500) $7
Nitrox up to 32% 3000 $11
HP Nitrox to 32% 3500 $13
Nitrox up to 36% 3000 $12
HP Nitrox to 36% 3500 $13
10 Fill Nitrox Card $100
Helium - per cubic ft $1
Oxygen - per cubic ft $0.55
Custom Trimix only with certification card.

All above listed service rates are for labor only, parts are charged separately.
Normal repair time is under two weeks unless special parts are required.
All prices are subject to change without notice!
Not responsible for equipment left over thirty days!