Private Diving Lessons



Did you know that in just three days of water work , you can be certified privately by our PADI Instructors. Once your academics have been completed, we need 3-5 days of water work to get you ready to dive.  In as little as a week you can be a PADI Certified Diver. We first need you to complete the Academic portion of the course(it is easy and it won't hurt, we promise) so that you are ready to get wet in a pool first and then we can fulfill the four open water dives (two dives per day).

This scuba instruction course is catered to private lessons for individuals or groups.  Because with a single or private groups, there is no set time or schedule that you are required to follow.  You are able to complete your certification as quickly as possible or at any speed you choose.

A lot of our private students are busy professionals with limited available free time.  Our flexible schedule caters to your needs.  We can even come to your house or pool to teach if requested. Whether you are a group of family members or just friends, you will receive quality, personal attention resulting in you becoming a safe and educated diver.

If you or someone in your group has any fears or concerns about learning to scuba dive, we specialize in addressing such issues.  Teaching children and young adults is another one of our specialties.  We teach several children's camps and Scouts annually.  Children as young as 10 can learn to scuba dive today.

Our private scuba instruction includes Open Water Diver , Advanced Open Water Diver, Nitrox/Enriched Air Diver, Rescue Diver, Specialty courses, Dive Master and Assistance Instructor certification and much more.  We are located in the Tampa/Clearwater/St Petersburg Area.

PADI offers the Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver classes via e-Learning which gives you even more flexibility in completing your training.  You can complete the classroom work for these classes all online.  Once completed, then we conduct your pool and open water dive instruction.

If you are coming to the Clearwater or Tampa Bay Area for vacation and looking to scuba dive while here?  Have you completed your academic and pool work elsewhere & are looking to complete your open water referral dive instruction in the warm Florida Gulf water?  Are you certified already but have not been diving in a few years?  We also offer Scuba Review/Refresher courses, Discover Local Diving and many other PADI scuba certifications.


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