How Much?

how much sm

How much do i have to spend? That is entirely up to you. Though there are some factors to consider.
  • Do you plan to complete your pre-class self study using PADI’s new on-line eLearning program, or with the more traditional textbook-based materials?
  • What personal equipment do you plan to start with? (You will need a minimum of mask, snorkel and fins & weights.) What do you plan to purchase prior to your open-water training dives, and what do you plan to rent?
Here is a breakdown of the basic costs associated with learning to scuba:
eLearning Tuition n/a $146.00
Other Student Materials $99.00 $54.00
Academic Review/Pool Tuition Deposit $100.00 $100.00
Academic Review/Pool Tuition Balance $100.00 $100.00
Sub-Totals $299.00 $399.00

Open Water Training Options

Description   Price
Open Water Training Dives Gulf Of Mexico   $85.00
Weeki Wachee    $55.00
Blue Grotto   $40.00
Devils Den   $40.00
Rainbow River   $20.00
Lake Denton   $20.00

(prices subject to change without notice)

  • We offer many different dive sites to choose from,
  • We prefer you to dive in both freshwater & Saltwater environments.
  • If you elect to take advantage of the e Learning option, all you need to do is go to the eLearning page and click on any of the “Sign Up Now” links. At your convenience, you will need to stop by Adventures Under the Sea to purchase your dive tables, log book insert and Student Folder (you can do this at the same time you attend your one-on-one course orientation and purchase the required equipment items (see below).
  • If you elect to use the textbook-based student materials, you will need to stop by Adventures Under the Sea to purchase these items and sign up for your academic review and pool training (if you have not done so already) before you can get started. You should watch the included DVD in its entirety before starting in on the printed materials.
  • When you are ready to schedule your academic review and pool training, a $100 deposit will hold your place. (Note that, while you can sign up for your academic review/pool training at any time, you must have all of the self study, including any homework assignments, completed and ready to turn in.)
  • For pool training, students must supply their own masks, snorkels, fins, weights, and wetsuit boots(if needed) and two regulator mouthpieces.
  • For open-water training, students have the option to either supply their own equipment, or rent those items they do not already own. See current rental prices.
  • Students are responsible for supplying transportation to and from all class activities, plus overnight accommodations, if required.
  • If you plan to complete your open-water training dives at a vacation destination of your own choosing, be aware that fees may vary by location and operator.

Who can Learn?

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